Mommatown has been making web sites since 1994.

CUSTOM web sites for as little as $15 per hour. Custom log in – your own proprietary code.
WORDPRESS web sites starting at $100 for complete set up and template/design installation - including 4 pages of content. 1 day turnaround is possible.

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Brochure site - a 2-5 page web site that simply states who your company is, where you do business, and how to contact you. This is really an important first step to help people find you. How this is done is important, for how you begin can have lasting future repercussions.

For example, a business is named "John's Home Services" - a generic business name that does not make evident what the business does. John needs to set up his site in such a way that potential customers can find his web site. If he buys "" alone, he may be missing out on traffic to the site in many ways.

Let's say the company is a home cleaning service. By buying a domain called: "" or "" anyone searching Google or another search engine for "home cleaning services" is more apt to find his site. John can even buy multiple domains that all tie to one web site for a relatively cheap investment. Each of those domains could have one specific page that helps a person fill out a very simple form, and then directs them to his "corporate" site. This is called a "landing page".

Being wise about how to proceed, what domains are better than others, how the content is laid out on the site, and considering how people will find your brochure site so that you can direct traffic to come your way, is even more important that having a site that looks beautiful. However, you want the best of both worlds. A site that is wise in its base construction and takes SEO into consideration, and is also beautiful, is the best of both worlds.

It doesn't have to involve any ongoing maintenance, either. I know many businesses who had an initial setup, but their web developer did not think to register the site into Google Maps. Some very easy, done-once-done-forever steps such as this can make a huge difference to your business.

In summary, there are different options when setting up your brochure site that can really help people find you. You, as a first time web entrepreneur may not know about these options. It is your web developer's job to know about them and to present them to you so that you can make an informed decision about your web site.

WordPress Site - wordpress installation and template integration.

The benefit of WordPress is speed to launch. If the controls and plugins available in WordPress are all you need, then you can have a site up in a day.

Custom Login Site - a site that needs a company admin to log in, employees, and/or customers. A site that manages your customers, contacts, possibly integrates with your sales program, your inventory, and so forth.

This project brings with it a new level of complexity. Most people who think that they will merely slap up a WordPress site, and will hire a coder later to make it do exactly what they need. But then later on, when that business owner needs customization of the core code to allow special functionality, such as a specialized customer login, a special shipping grid, an interactive page, or what have you, they find to their chagrin that getting WordPress customized this deeply is a tall order. You can see more information about this and perhaps get some insight by using my quick interactive blog activity, "How to Hire a Coder". I did not make this activity to push my own services, but to inform.


Mommatown began with me Sally, a mom, who learned to code web sites in the early 90's as a hobby. Eventually, my daughter signed on as a junior coder, and we two became "Mommatown". We've coded and created together ever since, and now, many web jobs later, Mommatown is still going strong.

Sally's presently open to take on new work, as contractor or employee, whatever you prefer.

Location: Jacksonville, FL
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